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Medical technology, health care

Sensors from Micro-Epsilon are also used in medical technology. Modern operating techniques are no longer processed only manually; rather operations are supported by robot assistants where measuring technology plays an important role. Sensors from Micro-Epsilon are also considered the standard outside the operating theatre. Whether in a dentist’s chair, for X-rays or any other task in the medical area which involves displacement and/or temperature measurement.

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Measuring dental samples confocal

Confocal optoNCDT 2401 sensors are used to check the surface topography of dental samples. These sensors are distinguished by their high resolution and independence from the type of material surface involved. ...

Colour measurement of tablets in pharmaceutical production

In pharmaceutical tablet production different ingredients are used. Changing the concentration of these ingredients affects the colour of the tablet. The colour gradient varies from white and beige to ...

Precise positioning of a surgical microscope

Surgical procedures require a perfect view of the operating area. Here, the surgeon is often supported by a surgical microscope. To enable the surgeon to best position the microscope and to give the surgical ...

Positioning of operating tables

Operating tables provide many adjustment options for the correct positioning of the patient during the operation. As well as the height, the horizontal position and angle functions can also often be adjusted. ...

Training monitoring for rehabilitation machines

Optimum execution of the training plays an important role in the rehabilitation area. Data for monitoring the performance of the individual exercises are provided to the trainer using a network or a chip ...

Position measurement on X-ray machines

For highres pictures of digital X-ray machines, the camera must be exactly adjusted to the X-ray tube. For pretty flexible operation, different axes are electrically moveable. Therefore, the adjustment ...

Angle measurement in the SoloAssist®

Minimally invasive surgery using endoscopes is performed today for many operations. The guidance of an endoscope was previously performed by an assistant doctor. The camera guidance task in the future ...

An automatic measurement system ensures the production quality of tablets

High performance pill presses are fitted with quickly interchangeable matrix disk units in order to minimize cleaning and setting up times when employing press tools. In automated production a high level ...

Ram travel at a pill press

For the examination of cohesion in pharmaceutical mixtures under the influence of pressure non-contacting eddy-current sensors , which measure the travel of the upper in the area of the bottom dead center ...

Temperature measurement for vacuum mold equipment

Thermal vacuum mold equipment is used for the decentralised manufacture of mouth guards for teeth. A special film is heated for this and drawn into a shape using a vacuum. The temperature is measured without ...

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