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Integration with C/C++ library

Integration with C/C++ library

The scanCONTROL C/C++ library supports as well dynamic as static loading and supports stdcall and cdecl as standard call conventions. All functions are described in detail in the included interface documentation. The scanCONTROL C/C++ SDK also includes many programming examples.

The integration module scanCONTROL C/C++ SDK includes:

  • Library LLT.DLL
  • Interface and scanCONTROL documentation
  • Programming examples for C++ (e.g. triggering the sensor, container mode)
  • Programming example for C# and .NET

Download scanCONTROL C/C++ SDK

Integration in LabVIEW

Integration in LabVIEW

The scanCONTROL instrument driver LabVIEW supports fast integration of scanCONTROL sensors into National Instruments LabVIEW. For accessing a scanCONTROL sensor and its basic settings you can drag and drop modules directly from the function palette into your VI. Example VIs illustrating the scanCONTROL integration are also part of this package.

The integration of scanCONTROL sensors is based on the C/C++ library (LLT.DLL) of Micro-Epsilon. The detailed documentation also shows how to set up additional special sensor parameter.

The scanCONTROL instrument driver for LabVIEW:

  •     Developed according to the LabVIEW instrument driver guidelines by National Instruments
  •     LabVIEW 8.6 and higher supported
  •     Comprises instrument drivers for 32Bit and 64Bit
  •     Fast and Easy access to all settings via function palette
  •     FireWire and Ethernet interface supported
  •     Example VIs for single profile mode and container mode
  •     Detailed documentation how to integrate scanCONTROL sensors into LabVIEW

Download scanCONTROL instrument driver for LabVIEW

Integration in Geomagic

Integration in Geomagic

(only for scanCONTROL 27xx und 28xx)

Geomagic Wrap / Geomagic Qualify or Geomagic Studio support a fast and precise graphical matching of a digital reference model and scanned data. These programs are widely used during product development, production control and quality control of suppliers. The plug-in developed by Micro-Epsilon supports online data acquisition with all scanCONTROL sensors. The plug-in also supports the import of scanCONTROL Offline Data (.avi). Therefore it is easy to use the plug-in also without a scanCONTROL sensor.

The scanCONTROL integration module for Geomagic provides:

  •     Plug-in to work with scanCONTROL sensors in Geomagic
  •     Online data import from all scanCONTROL sensors
  •     Support for FireWire and Ethernet interfaces
  •     Complete parameterization of all scanCONTROL sensors
  •     Import offline data in .avi
  •     Complete Interface and scanCONTROL documentation

Download scanCONTROL Geomagic Plugin 1.0

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