Micro-Epsilon Atensor GmbH

Micro-Epsilon Atensor GmbH based in Steyr supplies tailor-made measuring, testing and processing systems as turn-key solution for the flexible production of tomorrow.

With many years of application experience in a wide range of industries, we can offer you a unique range of solutions for your measurement task, designed to meet your specific requirements.

From the inspection of decorative and/or functional surfaces with subsequent automatic reworking (grinding, polishing) by robots to 3D measurements of glowing long products - Micro-Epsilon Atensor delivers tailor-made turn-key solutions for your production of tomorrow!

Sídlo 4407 Steyr-Gleink, Rakúsko
Rok založenia 2003
Konateľ Dipl.-Inform. Univ. Achim Sonntag
Certifikát ISO 9001:2008
Internet www.atensor.com

MICRO-EPSILON Czech Republic
Na Libuši 891
39165 Bechyně, Czech Republic
+421 911 298 922
+420 381 211 060