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confocalDT IFD2411

Most compact confocal controller on the market

A class of its own: confocal measuring system for industrial series applications

The compact confocal IFD2411 measuring system is a factory-calibrated measuring system for industrial series applications. As well as displacement and distance measurements, the system enables even thickness measurements of transparent materials. The IFD2411 confocal chromatic measuring system is a complete channel which contains a controller and an adapted sensor with measuring ranges of 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm and 6 mm. This measuring system is ideal for series applications.



  1. Measuring ranges (mm): 1 | 2 | 3 | 6
  2. Adjustable measuring rate up to 8 kHz
  3. Resolution from 12 nm
  4. Linearity from 0.5 µm
  5. For precise distance and thickness measurements
  6. Most compact confocal controller on the market
  7. Robust IP40 aluminum housing
  8. Direct PLC connection due to Industrial Ethernet
Ing. Juraj Devečka
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Most compact design with highest performance

Thanks to its extremely compact design and its robust IP40 aluminum housing, the controller of the IFD2411 measuring system can be integrated in almost all existing plants and systems. In addition, integrated DIN rail mounting enables fast installation in the control cabinet even when the installation space is limited. The housing of the IFD2411 controller is up to 300% smaller than of comparable controllers for unsurpassed lightness of only 335 grams.

IFD 2411 controller with most compact design hold by a hand

Now with integrated Industrial Ethernet interface

The confocal controller is now even smarter - thanks to the integrated Industrial Ethernet interface, you integrate the full sensor performance directly into your PLC. You benefit from real-time data without time delay and with reduced installation effort. In Ethernet mode, the IFD2411 can be set via the intuitive web interface. Industrial Ethernet ensures that the settings are automatically applied to the PLC environment. This eliminates time-consuming setting efforts in the programming environment.

Optimized for industrial series applications

Its compact design makes the IFD2411 ideal for OEM applications.

The entire configuration of the controller and the sensors is performed via an easy-to-use web interface.

Snadné použití přes webové rozhraní

Vzhledem k uživatelsky přívětivému webovému rozhraní se celý proces konfigurace provádí bez jakéhokoliv dalšího softwaru. Webové rozhraní je přístupné přes Ethernet a poskytuje nastavení a možnosti konfigurace. Materiály jsou uloženy v rozšiřitelné databázi materiálů.

Application examples