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Battery production

Energy storage devices such as lithium-ion batteries play a crucial role for the change in mobility and energy transition. In order to optimize the battery production, sensors are required which monitor the production line to the highest accuracy and dynamic. Micro-Epsilon offers reliable sensor technology from high precision distance sensors to infrared temperature measurement technology and 2D/3D profile sensors for multiple measurement tasks.

Process-reliable distinction of black tones in battery production

The production of lithium-ion batteries requires maximum precision. In this ultra-modern manufacturing process, carrier films are combined with an anode and a cathode to form an energy cell. The anode consists of a copper film coated with a…

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Web edge control of electrode film

During the production of battery cells, electrode and separator films must be guided reliably. Optical optoCONTROL micrometers detect the required edge position for web edge control. Operating several micrometers enables the concurrent detection…

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Bahnkantenregelung der Elektrodenfolie

Thickness measurement of electrode coatings

Laser sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used to measure the thickness of electrode materials. They are attached opposite the strip material. Based on synchronization combined with the precise sensor alignment, high measurement accuracy and measuring…

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Dickenmessung der Elektrodenbeschichtung

Coating application on edges

Electrodes must be coated with extreme precision in order to maintain tight manufacturing tolerances. This is why laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon inspect the coating profile on the strip edge which enables the detection of anomalies and…

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Beschichtungsauftrag an den Kanten

Detection of curved edges after cutting

Films may have curvatures and deformations after longitudinal cutting. In order to detect these deviations reliably, laser profile sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used. Laser scanners measure the profile of the film on the edge in order to…

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Erfassung der Kantenkrümmung nach dem Schneiden

Measuring the thickness of wet layers

Confocal chromatic sensors from Micro-Epsilon monitor the coating thickness of wet materials. Installing several sensors next to each other enables concurrent determination of the homogeneity of the coating over the complete strip width. Their…

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Dickenmessung von nassen Schichten

Position control of battery cells

After the battery cells have been assembled, laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon inspect their completeness and position. Therefore, a 3D image is generated which is then compared with the CAD data. As well as profile information in high…

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Positionskontrolle von Batteriezellen

Inspection of adhesive beading and applied sealants

scanCONTROL laser scanners inspect the presence and dimension of adhesive beading. They are mounted on the dispenser in order to control the quantity applied and the distance from the dispenser. Their high resolution enables them to reliably…

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Prüfung von Kleberaupen und Dichtmittelauftrag

Sledování teploty během počátečního nabíjení baterií

Termovizní kamery monitorují prvotní proces - nabíjení baterií (distribuci teploty a možné zkraty). Funkce detekce horkých míst automaticky rozpoznává a vydává odchylky od cílové teploty. Kompaktní infračervená thermoIMAGER kamera může být rychle…

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Temperaturüberwachung bei der Erstaufladung

Temperature monitoring of drive batteries during handling and transport

A high-resolution thermal imaging camera, thermoIMAGER TIM QVGA from Micro-Epsilon, monitors the thermal properties of the drive batteries either during unstacking or on a conveyor belt. For this measurement task, the camera is mounted stationary…

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Temperaturüberwachung von Antriebsbatterien beim Handling und Transport