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Structural monitoring & Building material production

Due to increasing demands, infrastructure structures are subject to increasing stress and must be continuously evaluated with regard to safety and service life. Therefore, sensors are required that provide reliable information regarding load-bearing safety, serviceability and fatigue safety. Micro-Epsilon offers numerous sensors for the inspection, monitoring and automation of structures as well as inline testing in the production of building materials. The sensors impress with their stability, precision and robustness for use in harsh environments.

Distance monitoring on bridges and wind turbines

optoNCDT ILR2250 laser distance sensors are used for distance measurements on bridges, buildings and also wind turbines. Their low weight and compact design allow for the sensors to be attached to drones. Aerial measurements not only enable the…

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Abstandsüberwachung an Brücken und Windkraftanlagen

Web edge control in the production of plasterboards

For the automatic cutting of plasterboards, the correct feeding of the boards is crucial for dimensional accuracy. For the detection of the web edges, optoCONTROL laser micrometers are used, which are mounted at the edges of the transport web.…

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Bahnkantenregelung bei der Produktion von Gipsplatten

Thickness measurement of mineral wool

In addition to the homogeneous material structure, thickness is a quality feature for maintaining the insulating properties of mineral wool. At the end of the production line, the webs are trimmed and milled to standard thickness. To optimize the…

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Dickenmessung von Mineralwolle

Color measurement of cement powder

Process-related discoloration can occur during the production of cement powder. The color can change to gray or pink which is an indicator of production quality. The powder is transported on a conveyor belt and can be tested after initial…

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Farbmessung von Zementpulver

Color inspection of liquids

colorSENSOR CFO gauges are used for the evaluation of industrial water and other liquids. These measure the color of the liquid from the outside based on the transmitted light prinple. Special models also measure from the inside. The sensor’s…

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Farbprüfung von Flüssigkeiten

Color inspection of strip processes

In strip processes for the production of insulation material and plasterboards, colorSENSOR CFO gauges are used to monitor the color. Thanks to their high accuracy, the sensors detect even slight color deviations. Color inspection is used in…

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Farbprüfung in Bandprozessen

Filling level measurement in silos

Accurate quantity measurement of bulk material or plastic granulate is a decisive factor for the smooth running of production and logistics processes. In order to avoid production downtimes due to a lack of material, the filling levels in the…

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Füllstandsmessung in Silos

Geometric testing of building materials

Numerous material tests are performed during the development of high-performance building materials. Inductive displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used for geometric testing. These sensors are extremely robust and impress with their high…

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Geometrische Prüfung von Baustoffen

Black ice detection for automatic traffic guidance systems

In order to increase safety at safety-relevant points, non-contact infrared pyrometers are installed at pedestrian crossings. Thanks to the large measurement distance, the thermoMETER from Micro-Epsilon records the ground temperature from a safe…

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Glatteiserkennung für automatische Verkehrsleitsysteme

Building inspection using endoscopes

Technical endoscopes from Micro-Epsilon are used wherever preventive or scheduled inspection is required. The endoscopes are suitable for mobile use and are very user-friendly. The XLED PRO DUAL VIEW video endoscope is the preferred tool for…

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Inspektion von Bauwerken mit Endoskopen

Capacitive spirit level for high-precision position measurements

The CHLS4 capacitive hydrostatic levelling system from Micro-Epsilon is based on the hose level principle and is used to monitor changes in the height of building parts and pipe systems. The sensor system detects minute changes in height through…

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Kapazitive Wasserwaage zur hochpräzisen Messung der Lageposition

Dimensional accuracy of sectional doors

The individual sections of sectional doors are connected with a tongue and groove joint. For a tight and permanently flexible connection, compliance with the nominal dimensions is of decisive importance.Strong temperature differences lead to…

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Maßhaltigkeit bei Sektionaltoren

Quality assurance in the production of railway sleepers

3D measuring systems are used for the inline quality inspection of railway sleepers. The systems consist of a gantry construction mounted on the forming station above the conveyor system. Two scanCONTROL laser profile sensors travel along the…

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Qualitätssicherung in der Eisenbahnschwellenfertigung

Temperature monitoring in the production of insulation materials

In the production of thermally insulated pipes, the temperature is monitored to prevent damage and fires. Insulation materials often contain hot particles and stones that can cause a fire. Thermal imaging cameras from Micro-Epsilon are therefore…

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Temperaturüberwachung bei der Produktion von Dämmstoffen

Monitoring the extension of pipelines

Pipelines in power plants are exposed to high pressures and temperatures. These extreme loads cause the pipes to vibrate and result in thermal expansions of up to 1 m at some points. Constant hangers are used to compensate for these thermal…

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Überwachung der Ausdehnung von Rohrleitungen

Monitoring the deflection of concrete ceilings

Laser sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used to measure the deflection of concrete slabs during casting. Depending on the accuracy requirements and measuring range, laser triangulation sensors or laser distance sensors are used. These sensors detect…

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Überwachung der Durchbiegung von Betondecken

Monitoring of facade positions during construction measures

optoNCDT ILR2250 laser sensors are used for distance measurements of listed facades. These sensors provide high measurement accuracy even on weakly reflective surfaces such as masonry. Due to their large measuring range, they measure the distance…

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Überwachung von Fassadenpositionen bei Baumaßnahmen

Monitoring the tidal flow on buildings

Waterproof eddy current displacement sensors are used to monitor the influence of tides on old buildings. The sensors measure onto a metallic measuring object that is attached to the building. The robust sensor design and additional sealing allow…

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Überwachen des Gezeitenflusses auf Gebäuden

Deformation measurement of lightweight structures

For the investigation of component deformations under load, specially designed measuring systems are used, which detect the surface contours in a reactionless way. The measuring system consists of a movable half frame on which two laser distance…

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Verformung an Leichtbaustrukturen

Displacement measurement in hydraulic diving platforms

Height-adjustable diving platforms are used in competitive sports to set individual jump heights or identical heights for synchronized divers. Draw-wire displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon measure the height of the tower and ensure that the…

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Wegerfassung in hydraulischen Sprungtürmen