Testing the sharpness of band knives

Foam cutting machines use band knives whose cutting blades typically wear out over the course of their use. In order to ensure high efficiency in the cutting process, the knife sharpness test is carried out during operation. A Micro-Epsilon laser profile scanner of the scanCONTROL 2910-10/BL series measures the front side of the knife. The sensor is installed in the cutting machine and directly connected to the control system. During measurement, the sensor detects, among other things, the width of the knife tip. This loses its uniformity in the event of wear, but this is only visible in the micrometer range. Since the LLT2910/BL laser profile scanner has a resolution of up to 7.8 µm, it can detect even the smallest deviations on the knife

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Laserové skenery profilu

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