Electronics production

Assembly gap of display glass

After the assembly process of smartphone displays, it is important to inspect the mounting tolerances of the components in order to achieve continuous quality in all production batches. Confocal chromatic sensors travel over the components and inspect the gap with extremely high accuracy.

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Measuring the coplanarity of IC pins

In SMT and reflow soldering processes, the coplanarity of the pins has to be inspected in order to assure a perfect soldering quality and to avoid failures. For this purpose, laser profile sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used. The scanner uses a blue laser diode which enables extremely high resolutions.

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Laserové skenery profilu

Print head positioning in laser transfer printers

With printing and exposure processes, the exact height of the print head or the distance from the object to be printed are crucial factors for the quality of the final product. Fast distance measurements with compact laser sensors from Micro-Epsilon enables fast readjustment and, in addition, edge detection.

Dimensional inspection of fine mechanical structures

In assembly processes of smartphones and tablets, the dimensions and the assembly gap of the gasket are inspected in order to ensure high resistance to water and dust. Measurements are performed with Micro-Epsilon laser profile sensors that provide high resolution and profile frequency.

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Laserové skenery profilu

Presence monitoring of electronic components

Laser triangulation sensors are used in fully automatic presence inspection of components on printed circuit boards. Very small details can be detected reliably due to the small light spot. The high measuring rate enables testing in the shortest cycle times.

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Rýchly laserový snímač s Ethernetom

Distance measurement in dispensers for adhesives

In order to keep the adhesive dispenser always at the correct working distance, this distance value must be inspected continuously. For this purpose, compact laser sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used. Thanks to the fast measuring rate and the insensitivity to changing surface types, they continuously provide information about the distance of the glue dispenser.

Measuring scribe lines on PCB panels

Scribe lines are pressed into printed circuit boards for separation purposes. Laser sensors inspect the line depth which should be consistent in order to ensure reliable separation.

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optoNCDT Laser Sensoren

Heat conducting paste application

During the fully automatic application of heat conducting pastes, the correct dosage is a decisive factor. An overdosage of heat conducting paste impairs the thermal resistance, too little paste leads to thermal overload. The height of the paste bead is therefore detected using a laser triangulation sensor.

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optoNCDT Laser Sensoren

Color recognition in component sorting tasks

Particularly with automated mounting, components must be sorted according to their color. The colorSENSOR CFO is ideally suited for these high production speeds. Adjustable colors and tolerance enable high flexibility.

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Precizní snímač barev

Měření výšky pájecí vlny na pájecích strojích

Při pájení desek plošných spojů na pájecích strojích představuje jedno z podstatných kritérií pro zajištění kvality výška pájecí vlny. Tuto výšku lze měřit dvěma způsoby.

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